Magnesium Threonate

Short Description:

Product name: Magnesium threonate
CAS No.:  778571-57-6
EINECS login number: 1312995-182-4
Molecular formula: C8H14MgO10
Molecular weight:294.5

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Structural Formula


Physical Properties
Appearance: White fine granular powder
Density: no information
Melting point: no information
Boiling point: no information
Refractivity: no information

Safety Data

Used as food additives.

Food additive functional classification: food fortification magnesium as a source of nutrients for food fortification has been included in the "Food Safety National Standard for the use of food fortification standards" (GB14880), allowed to be used in the preparation of dairy powder and beverages and other food categories, the application of magnesium L-threonate is a source of magnesium compounds for the preparation of dairy powder (except for children with milk powder and maternal milk powder ) (food category 01.03.02) and beverages (except 14.01 and 14.06 involving varieties) (food category 14.0). It is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Chemicalbook as a source of magnesium compounds for food use.
Process necessity: Magnesium L-threonate is a food fortification made from vitamin C, calcium carbonate, and magnesium carbonate through a synthetic reaction. There are many types of magnesium supplements to choose from, but the only one that crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly nourishes the brain is magnesium L-threonate, a brain-beneficial mineral that crosses the cell membranes of brain cells and boosts the concentration of magnesium in the brain. The concentration of magnesium in the brain. Therefore, if you want to improve memory and concentration, relieve anxiety and depression, magnesium L-threonate is a very good choice.

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