Custom Synthesis

We engage in customize production of aromatic fluoride compounds, chiral building blocks, heterocyclic compounds etc and have superiority on our "leading products".We have nearly stock goods of leading products.
Leading Products, Benzoic&Phenylacetic Acid Series, Pyridine Series, Aniline Series, Benzaldehyde Series, Benzonitrile&Phenylacetonitrile, Benzene&toluene Series, Phenol Series, Acetophenone Series, Thiophene Series, Benzeneboronic Acid Series, Indole Series, Pyrimidine Series, Indene&Indanone Series, Chiral Series, Others .

As a manufacture with high-tech inspecting instruments, we can ensure products with high quality. That's why many customers commission FTR to outsourcing products for them in china. We can ensure: Quality Assurance An in-depth understanding of Chinese chemical market and an extensive network of Chinese suppliers. Ability to source chemicals with optimum availability, pricing and purity.

FTR is good at custom synthesis services from gram to kilogram scale and is an ideal organization for performing custom synthesis that is essential for your discovery and preclinical needs. Our chemists team has experience with various chemical compounds including intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, and derivatives of lead compounds. Custom synthesis services include: Small-Scale Synthesis , Synthesis of Intermediates , Medicinal Chemistry , Process Development.