Short Description:

Product name: 5-Chloro-2-(methylamino)benzophenone
CAS No.: 1022-13-5
EINECS login number: 213-822-1
Molecular formula: C14H12ClNO
Molecular weight:245.7

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Structural Formula


Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder
Density: 1.234±0.06 g/cm3(Predicted)
Melting point: 93-95 °C (lit.)
Boiling point: 421.9±35.0 °C (Predicted)

Safety Data

It is an impurity of 1,4- Temazepam (T017200) as well as a decompoition product of Diazepam and other 1,4-benzodiazepine derivatives.

Emergency response to leaks
Precautions for personnel, protective equipment and emergency procedures
Use personal protective equipment. Prevent the generation of dust. Prevent inhalation of vapors, aerosols or gases. Ensure adequate ventilation.
Evacuate personnel to a safe area. Avoid inhalation of dust.
Environmental Precautions
Do not allow product to enter sewers.
Methods and materials to contain and remove spills
Collect and dispose of the spill without creating dust. Sweep up and shovel off. Store in suitable closed disposal containers.
Operation disposal and storage
Precautions for safe handling
Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Prevent dust and aerosol generation.
Provide suitable exhaust equipment in areas where dust is generated. General fire protection measures.
Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities
Store in a cool place. Keep the container tightly closed and store in a dry and ventilated place.
Description of necessary first aid measures
General advice
Consult a physician. Show this safety technical note to the doctor who arrives at the scene.
In case of inhalation
If inhaled, move the patient to fresh air. If breathing has stopped, give artificial respiration. Consult a physician.
In case of skin contact
Rinse with soap and plenty of water. Consult a physician.
In case of eye contact
Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and consult a physician.
In case of accidental ingestion
Do not give anything from the mouth to an unconscious person. Rinse mouth with water. Consult a physician.

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