The focus of the salicylic acid market moved down in March

According to the price monitoring of the business society, on March 25, the average price of salicylic acid (industrial grade) mainstream manufacturers was 17,000 CNY / ton, the same as the beginning of the week, and the same as the beginning of the month. Compared with the same period last year, the price increased by 17.51%.
In March, the salicylic acid market continued to be stable, but the center of gravity moved down. The price of enterprises at the end of the month was lowered by about 200 CNY/ton compared with the beginning of the month, and there were not many price adjustments. This month, the price of raw material phenol has been lowered, the cost support has weakened, the price of salicylic acid has been slightly lowered, and the health incidents in various places have affected downstream demand, and the shipment of enterprises has slowed down, and the price of salicylic acid has been adjusted within a narrow range. According to the data of the business society, the market quotation of raw phenol is 10,840 CNY/ton, the domestic salicylic acid industrial-grade enterprises are mostly quoted in the range of 14,000-19,000 CNY/ton, and the pharmaceutical grade is mostly quoted in the range of 24,000-27,000 CNY/ton. The quotations are mostly in the 20000-23000 CNY/ton range.
In terms of raw materials, on March 25, the reference price of phenol was 10840.00 CNY, a decrease of 1.09% compared with March 1 (10960.00 CNY). The fundamentals of the domestic phenol market were stable, and there was little supply pressure in East China, while international crude oil Upward cost support is favorable. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, logistics and transportation in some areas are still hindered, and the shipments of cargo holders are not smooth. The business agency expects that the short-term market is still running smoothly, and prices are unlikely to fluctuate greatly.

Post time: Mar-30-2022